In the future the planet is on the verge of economical collapse, cities laid to waste from wars, and overpopulated megacities. Earth has attained space flight and found that we are not alone. Through advanced technologies we don’t fully understand, we begin tearing holes in the fabric of space in hopes of escaping our own destructive nature but not before we attract the attention of others roaming the stars.

In just a few short weeks our home is ripped of her already dwindling resources. The world is plummeted into a dark age that lasts hundreds of years. The earth begins to heal and lost technology is scavenged – and fought over. The race for the stars begins again. This time we’re coming prepared.

The rich and powerful reach out to those willing to risk their lives to bring back the lost technologies while they bankroll them.

Here’s a brief overview of our sessions. For full session descriptions see the Adventure Log.

Date Adventure XP Players
07.13.2014 Unstable Orbits 2 Dan, Derek, & Jeff

*See Adventure Log for details
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Burning Atmospheres

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